Sunday, August 5, 2012

Working backwards, Comets to Sun

Found out that my initial getting of coordinates of comet and Sun was wrong, and they needed to be projected onto the 2d screen from their Right Ascension/Declination coordinates. Now, finally, the coordinates are correct. I drew a line from comet to Sun so that it would be obvious where the coordinates are.

Another issue was getting the Sun's coordinates, because in Planet.cpp and Comet.cpp, to a comet, the Sun's coordinates would always be (0., 0., 0.), which on screen is at the bottom left. So I had to get the Sun from Stellarium's SolarSystem via GETSTELMODULE.

With this, I have to rewrite the plasmaTail() and dustTail() functions, but it should be fairly fast now that the bug I couldn't get rid off is out of the way.


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